Green Shutter welcomes the exciting challenge of delivering innovative beverage solutions that last.

The Green Shutter Story

O the Green Shutter, the Green Shutter,
Where artists fume and poets sputter,
Where books are read but seldom bought
And many a battle of words is fought,
I will recall with my heart’s last flutter
That heathen crowd at the Green Shutter.

Over 150 years of history

Martha Westfeldt’s Green Shutter tearoom provided respite and safety to the most creative minds of 1920’s New Orleans. As Carl Carmer’s Poem illustrates, it was a refuge for debate and disagreement. Today, this inspires us. We seek to transform the safe to the exciting, provide a sanctuary from the ordinary and challenge your conception of what is possible in beverages.

Our business is new, but our story rich, vibrant & cherished, much like our beverages. Our goal is to bridge the best of the old, with a search for the new.

Our roots are firmly located in the roaring city of New Orleans. Established and owned by the distinguished Westfeldt family, Green Shutter is an extension of their ongoing passion & commitment to quality beverages, community & disruptive innovation. At our core, we are focused on delivering world class customer service, exceptional quality and exciting beverage experiences.

Our Team

Director of Operations

Lenny Zichichi

Director of Quality Operations

Deana Madera-Trahan

Director of Trading

Michael Thiongo


Production and Warehouse Associate

Join our team

We operate within a warehousing & blending facility focusing on tea, coffee & botanicals. Our business is new, but our story rich, vibrant & cherished, much like our beverages.

Join our team in New Orleans to help push the boundaries of innovation and disrupt the blended beverage landscape. We are looking for individuals who share our passion and values while desiring to work in a spirited environment that is collaborative, creative, and engaging.

We enjoy hearing from tea and botanical experts who have focused in beverage innovation and supply chain management. If you would like to reach out to learn more about our business and employment opportunities please submit a resume and cover letter to .

We look forward to speaking with you!

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Lenny Zichichi

Lenny is the Director of Operations for Green Shutter Teas, overseeing all business operations at GST’s blending and warehousing facility. With an MBA and degree in Food Science, Lenny has spent the past 8 years working in multiple functions across the Food Production industry. Lenny’s experience falls within Food Science, Quality Assurance, Product Development, Operations, and Management. In 2019 Lenny was listed as one of New Orleans Magazine’s “People to Watch”, highlighting on the rise professionals in the city of New Orleans

Director of Quality Operations

Deana Madera-Trahan

Deana is the Quality Assurance Manager for Green Shutter Teas, responsible for the development and implementation of our food safety program. She began her career working in organic produce and developed a passion for delivering feel-good-food to consumers. She believes that what we eat can significantly impact the way we feel and providing our customers with only the highest quality products is of upmost importance. For the past seven years, Deana has garnered a diverse food safety and quality assurance background that includes working in operations and packaging. Her experience working in only GFSI compliant facilities prepared her to uphold only the highest standards for our organization.

Director of Trading

Michael Thiongo

A tea enthusiast with broad and deep trade knowledge. Michael is an avid supporter and promoter of tea origins and the communities which produce the tea, botanicals, and ingredients we use. Michael has worked in the industry for more than 20 years and is an expert up and down the value chain and across beverage applications. His proficiency includes spending many years nurturing a palate for the perfect tea flavors based on customer preferences for the ideal blend, aroma, and texture. Sharing this knowledge and passion continues to drive Michael as he uses his decades of experience and expertise to help inform, guide and serve our customers.